Feb 3, 2017

Good Morning World! Hope all is well in your world! Today is my day! I am starting a blog of my thoughts about life, and am looking forward to hearing yous! All about health, wellness, activity and exersize. Not your normal rigid veiws as I prefer to take life as it comes, on a daily basis. I can do anything for one day!!! How about you?
A little about myself, I am single, love to travel, my children and grandchildren are all pretty much grown and all very independent.I was diagnosed last March (2016) with a rare form of eye cancer. I am learning to make my body as healthy as it can be; and that's what I have decided to share with you, my friends. 
In April I underwent a targeted radiation disc therapy, so far, 8 months later, the tumor is regressing, slowly, but in regression.
Today I will eat as healthy as posible, get plenty of rest, meditate, and excersize my body.