Apr 14, 2017

Good Morning World!  What a gorgeous day it is.  Just thinking about all the new and amazing technologies I have witnessed, in the medical industry, in the past year.  I am not much of a "run to the doctor" kind of person, so I wasn't really educated in this area.  For example,  when a tumor was discovered in my eye, I was immediately scheduled for "Radiation Plaque Therapy".  A new targeted radiation that does the least amount of damage to good cells.  Very advanced and amazing treatment.
Then as I had an MRI, the attendants hooked up a port in my arm, slid me into the chamber, took several images,  then informed me they were "injecting" dye for contrast; which they did remotely!  Blew my mind!
Now my older sister just had back surgery yesterday, when before the procedure two young doctors came in to explain that they would put needles in her head, spine, and leg to monitor her nerve impulses on a computer in another room, to assist the Surgeon during surgery! Pretty Amazing stuff!
So the Word for today is AMAZING TECHNOLOGY: Look around you and contemplate the use of new technology wherever you go today!
Have a beautiful and amazing day! 

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